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How To Steal A Moment With Your Partner

Weddings can be a whirlwind! From the moment you wake up on your wedding day to the moment you leave your venue, you are pretty busy. While you've likely done a lot together before the wedding, for the most part on the actual day, you and your partner have been away from each other.

Why isn't there more time in a wedding day?! This is one reason it is so important to look and re-look at your wedding timeline. Talk about your timeline with your photographer, your videographer, your DJ, your venue Events Coordinator, your MOH, anyone who will listen.

We wish there were more hours in a day but since there aren't, we have compiled a list of our favorite ways to steal a moment with your partner on your wedding day.

1. First Look

Although we know many Brides do not want to see the Groom before the ceremony, this is the easiest way to get one on one time with your partner on your wedding day. Not only will you be able to knock out most, if not all, of your wedding party and family photos before the ceremony (saving tons of time), you will also be able to spend time with your soon to be spouse without feeling rushed or crunched for time. First Looks also allow both the Bride and Groom to freely express their emotions without hundreds of eyes on them. This does not remove emotions from the ceremony! A First Look most times calms the nerves of the Bride and Groom and makes the day even more enjoyable. Did we mention that the photos of the Groom seeing the Bride for the first time always make us cry?

2. First Touch/Prayer For those Brides who absolutely do not want to do a First Look, our next option is to do a First Touch or Prayer. By doing this, the Bride and Groom get to talk or pray together but not see each other. Just hearing each other's voices can easily steady any nerves. This can be done with a blindfold, around a corner, or on opposite sides of a door. Just like a First Look, a First Touch or Prayer will give you beautiful photos.

3. Private Reading Of Vows

Whether it's before or after the ceremony, some couples opt to read their vows to each other privately. Without the entire crowd listening or watching, it may be easier to let your partner know exactly how you feel and your promises for the future. You may want the videographer or photographer to be present or you may not- talk to your partner about their wishes as well. A private reading of vows is a wonderful way to spend time with just your partner on your wedding day.

4. Sweetheart Table

When planning your floorpan, a great way to save space AND spend time with your new spouse is to have a sweetheart table. A sweetheart table is essentially a table for two, the Bride and Groom. The wedding party would be seated elsewhere (typically together or with their plus-ones or family). A sweetheart table allows the Bride and Groom to eat and drink together and talk about their day. Did we mention the photos will be precious?

5. Sneak Away For Appetizers Or Cocktails

Along the lines of eating and drinking, sneaking away for appetizers or cocktails with your new spouse is a great way to steal a moment together as well as have a snack and drink (which you will be so thankful for by the way!). Appetizers or cocktails together could be a quick 10-15 minutes but could really help you two take it all in and connect. Most of your guests won't even notice you were gone for a few minutes. A helpful tip would be to do this during cocktail hour or when the food service line opens up so guests are "busy".

6. Eat Together, Away From Guests

We have heard some couples don't even get to eat on their wedding day- WHAT?! We can't even imagine. A great way to steal a moment with your new spouse is to have a private dinner, away from guests. We can always accommodate a private dinner for the two of you. Eating together, away from guests is a great way to take a moment for yourselves and visit about the day or the ceremony. After all, the wedding is about you two, take the time to make it special. This would be a sweet opportunity to give each other wedding day gifts or to read your vows if you didn't during the day or at the ceremony.

7. Sunset Photos

Ask any photographer and they will tell you their favorite part of a wedding day is sunset. Why? Well, the pictures are absolutely breathtaking and for a lot of couples, this is the first time they've been alone all day. Take the time to do sunset photos, TRUST US! We always recommend sneaking away for sunset photos with your photographer.

8. Private Last Dance

As the night winds down and you're getting ready for the send off, a private last dance is a sweet way to end the day. As guests are lining up outside to send the Bride and Groom off, your DJ or band can play a last song for your last dance. The venue will be empty and your photographer can grab some pictures of you guys taking in the last moments of your wedding day.

9. Cake For The Ride

Possibly our favorite tip for stealing a moment with your partner on your wedding day is packing cake for the ride. Besides your one tiny bit during the cake cutting, you may have missed a whole piece. Packing a slice for the ride is a fun way to connect at the end of the night and share yet another intimate moment together. Talk about your favorite parts of the day, talk about your future, talk about all the possibilities! We love the idea of cake for the ride home.

Whatever you decide to do on your wedding day, just remember, you're finally married! You will never regret taking time throughout the day to spend with just your partner. These moments will be the ones you treasure forever.

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